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Justalab is a small creative Web design & development studio based in Paris & San diego. We create clean, unique & unforgettable web sites & web applications.



We were founded in 2010. We work out of 2 offices. We just love building Website & Web application.

Who are we ? Justalab is a small Web design & development studio based in Paris & San Diego. We have made a reputation for building clean, unique and unforgettable user interfaces. Established over a year ago, Justalab quickly gained attention from design communities from around the globe and has been awarded and featured across the web throughout the popular Best Web & CSS galleries.

The team ? Justalab is a team of creative & talented designers & developers who share one thing in common: We all love our jobs! It's all about passion to us ! That passion has allowed us to push the limits of our creativity allowing our clients to experience success & build a strong brand. Justalab specializes in various fields but our primary focus is to build well-designed user interfaces & highly enjoyable entertainment experiences.


Our process ? Is very simple: To make the project's ride very simple & pleasant for our clients. For that, your company will be granted an access to our project management system so you can always keep in touch with the progress of the project, control the tasks, discuss ideas and send us feedback. We will at the end of each week send you a progress report in case you did not have the time to keep up with the progress.

Our philosophy ? We believe a website to be effective when the design is esthetically pleasing thus capturing the visitor's initial interest. With our focus on creativity, attention to detail, we deliver a unique level of quality across web sites & applications.



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